Sunday, March 6, 2011


We are born into this life. We are given the gift of life. Many struggle on our behalf to make our lives good. Some of us fortunate ones are given a home with love. Parents who do all they can for us, and they expect so little in return. In this country we are given free schooling. We have so so so much compared to many, and yet we have an insatiable appetite for more.
The best advertisement these days is to have the word free in it. You can get free delivery with your purchase, free fries if you buy a hamburger and a drink, etc. Free at what cost? If you look at the menu cost the value meal is sometimes less than buying a hamburger and a drink. The free delivery is actually included in the original cost. We want our government to give us this and that, and yet someone must pay for it but we just hope it is not us. How selfish we are.
My mom always told me that if I wasted my food, that there were starving children in Africa that didn't have any so I should be grateful and not waste. What I didn't understand is that when I wasted my food, my family no longer had that food available to eat. Then my mom had to go to the store and buy more. Because I wasted our family had less money. The story doesn't end there though. Because I wasted and my mom had to buy more food at the store, now the store could sell more to my mom at a certain price. There is only so much food available, so if my mom is willing to buy it at a higher price, then those in a poorer country, then she will get the food, and their food costs will go up. A family who was struggling just to get enough food now has to struggle more and go without. And what about those who rely on help from others, since food is now more scarce they get less help, and I am contributing to their hunger.
Everything we do has an effect. We may just not understand the full effect even if someone tries to tell us. I knew that there were starving children in Africa, I just didn't realize I was contributing to the problem. Our extras that we let go to waste of clothing, energy, talents, and time, are in actuality stealing from others. Those who may need it most. If we change from entitlements(selfishness) to efficiency(selflessness) we will find that we actually have more, because the blessings of the Lord will be upon us as we are wise stewards. Then the Lord will be able to give us 10 talents instead of one, because we will know how to use them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Aren't we incredible as humans. We take cute little animals and make them our pets. Born in the wild or not and give them food, and protect them from the elements, and make sure they don't get killed by a predator. We keep animals in a zoo to protect them from us. Since their habitats are being destroyed and they no longer have any place to live, we preserve their species. They are so much happier being confined to a small cage than being free to roam, choose their own mates, and food, and dangers. Now we are trying to do that to our own species. Making sure all our needs are met, but at what cost? I would rather be free.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Old Mom Learns New Tech

Many times you hear that it is not you that teaches you children, but they who teach you. As in many times past, Kaylie has proven this to be true. Thank you Kaylie for helping an old mom take a leap into the present.